Exactly how big is the Galaxy Nexus?

Hey guys.

I'm a current Nexus S user and I love it to bits, but it's been falling apart recently. Sparing you the details, I need to get a new phone off of eBay. I'm looking at another used Nexus S or a used Galaxy Nexus. Price isn't a significant hurdle, the final decision will be based off how big the Galaxy Nexus is.

InB4 you suggest I go use one in a store, I have and I think it's large. When I use my Nexus S, I support it underneath with my little finger and all the UI elements are still within my 7.2 cm thumb's reach. In all the videos I've seen, the Galaxy Nexus is held with an awkward grip I know I will have to get used to. How difficult is this? How usable is it? How easy is it to get used to? Exactly how big is the Galaxy Nexus?

EDIT: Thanks for the input guys! I got it and I'm trying to get used to it. :)