Lets fix Bing!

So I heard Bing is in trouble... And this is what I would do to fix it!

Lets talk about Bing on Windows Phone

Bing on Windows Phone is a unique experience it offers 4 distinct features which you don't get on www.Bing.com

1. Local Scout - Displays near by places to eat&drink, shop and attractions.

2. Bing Vision - Allows me to use the camera scan a object and find reviews on it. Also with the Bing Translate application I can translate Chinese to English in augmented reality.

3. Bing Voice - Similar to Shazam it helps find the song playing on the radio and download it directly on the Marketplace using Zune Pass.

4. Bing Search - I can type in Home Depot and find all the closest Home Depots around me.

These 3 features make the Bing experience on a Windows Phone great but in order for Bing to take off the features need to be taken to the next level!

Taking the core features and make them better!

Local Scout

  • Add Windows Phone 8 wallet nearby deals feature. If there is a deal nearby Local Scout will find it and display it.
  • Add local news, sports, traffic and weather

Bing Vision

  • Add better reviews. If I scan Halo 4 using my phone I want to see review scores from multiple sites IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku etc
  • Add translation support directly so users don't need a separate app
  • Bar code scanning which allows you to find local deals and prices nearby and online for that specific item
  • Augmented reality mapping similar to Nokia City Lens find where things are around you

Bing Voice

  • Incorporate TellMe native speech recognition. I can ask Bing "Whats the weather like" "What were the scores for last nights baseball games" and Bing will find it for me and display in a easy-to-read format
  • Bing voice translation speak French Bing will translate it to English

There are some features I would love to see built into the mobile Bing experience but in order for Bing to become a huge hit! Bing needs to be everywhere.

Taking the Bing experience to different platforms

For non Windows Operating Systems such as OSX, Linux, Chromebook etc Bing Search, Voice and Local scout features are accessible via www.Bing.com.

For non Windows Phone 8 Mobile Devices ranging from iOS, Android to Blackberry, Firefox/Facebook OS etc Bing Search, Voice, Vision and Local scout features are accessible via the Bing App. So in theory for non Siri iPhones I can download the Bing App speak to it and Bing will find results.

Bring Bing Search and Local Scout to the living room via Xbox 360 and a Bing App for Smart TV's.

Opening Bing

Add social and application integration!

For example Bing an add some sort of ESPN integration so if I type in Lebron James stats I can see the information displayed to me via ESPN without even going to the website.

Or "Find me the best fried chicken" using Yelp and Foursquare I can see the top rated Fired Chicken spots directly on Bing.com.

Opening Bing makes the search experience easier its more direct and simplified for the end user.


Bing has the potential to be one of the worlds most easy and interactive search engine. Whether you use it at work on your PC/MAC, on the go on your smart phone or in your living room Bing can simplify the search experience.

If Bing can't beat Google on the desktop try beating them in mobile if Bing makes the Local Scout, Vision, Voice, Search experience easy for users I can see it being a very successful platform.

Bing can hear you and be your vision it can be totally different method to search.

That is all I really think of. Bing can be a force in the search department if it takes a different approach to what Google is doing now.

If anybody has any other ideas I am interested in hearing them out. Drop your comments below!