Is the code in Jelly Bean Galaxy Nexus rollout "Apple Proofed?"

So, as of right now Apple has posted the near $100 million to ban sale of the Galaxy Nexus in the US. Yet Google is saying the the phone will only be off the market for a week citing that an OTA patch will remove the unified search from Galaxy Nexus phones. Search will still exist on these phones, but it will no longer look at content within apps, and instead will search only the web. Search within apps will still work, it just will no longer be available in a single place.

What I wonder is will the Jelly Bean OTA to Nexus phones remove the functionality, or will it code a different way of achieving the same function. In all of this hullabaloo, I realize I don't actually use the functionality all that much. Sure I use the bar for search, but I typically want to search the web when doing so. Likewise when I want to search gmail, I am already IN gmail when I do it. The unified search is nice, but in practice I came to the realization that it was not something I used.

Did you use Unified Search to find non web content on your phone? Do you think Jelly Bean is going to make some back end changes to provide the functionality but in a different way?