Samsung vs. Apple: Where do the carriers stand?

I haven't seen anyone talking about this, but one would think that the U.S. carriers would have something to say about all of this patent litigation. I doubt they take kindly to being told by one of their suppliers (Apple) that they cant sell phones made by another (Samsung, HTC, etc.).

I would imagine that Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint would actively oppose any Apple forced monopoly on the smartphone market, and if push came to shove, I would think that they would choose the multi-OEM Android ecosystem over the Apple controlled iPhone. More OEMs means more control for the carriers. Also, Android phones (combined) sell nearly twice as many units as the iPhone (and they have more carrier installed crapware).

Perhaps I am being naive, but couldn't the Verizon CEO just call up Tim Cook and say, "Timmy Boy, uh... you might wanna stop suing Android OEMs, or we won't be signing any contracts to buy and sell the next iPhone."

Just a thought...