5 Minute iPad Tutorials

Hi all,
My school is deploying iPads to about 2,200 students and I've been asked to created some video tutorials. Obviously these tutorials will only be viewed by people who actually need assistance. Here is the YouTube playlist. Thoughts on the videos? Do they explain the apps well enough? I say 'umm' a lot, so in future tutorials (iMovie, GarageBand and some others) I'll actively try to avoid that. On the other hand, if you liked them, can you give them and thumbs up and consider subscribing - thanks :).

Side question: Does anyone attend or know of a school that uses iPads? What is it like? My school seems to be going with the approach "give everyone iPads and see what happens", which I don't really agree with (considering they have already started giving them to people and only now have I, as a student, been asked to create some of these videos). Hopefully they can sort out any issues and really embrace them as a learning tool within the next few years.

Sam (how to make a signature?)