Apple 100% leaked the 7" iPad mini to WSJ and Bloomberg. Here is why.

Alright, so Bloomberg and WSJ reported today that the 7 inch iPad mini is coming soon (around October). Usually, when these two sources announce something it comes true, some speculate Apple purposely leaks these stories to these sources at strategic times.

Never has it been so obvious that apple is behind these leaks. Think about it, this is the perfect time to announce an upcoming iPad mini.

Google just showed off their Nexus 7 inch kindle fire-like tablet. There is a lot of buzz and excitement, heck I even considered getting one for my wife. Now that I know an iPad mini is coming I would never consider buying a 7” tablet until I see what apple offers up. If apple releases a new iPad mini it for approximately $200 they will dominate this newly emerging category.

Also, microsoft recently showed off their tablet, and although this isn't a direct surface competitor, Microsoft has been getting a lot of press lately, an iPad mini would dominate the news cycle for some time.

These facts alone, the timing, along with the two sources (WSJ and Bloomberg) make it pretty obvious that apple leaked this information. Does anyone doubt this?