How Siri can beat Google Now Cards

Quite simple. Turn Siri into the Artificial Intelligence it can be.

1. You should be able to activate Siri by simply saying Siri. Siri, will it rain tomorrow? And you should be able to do this from the lockscreen.

2. Siri should only respond to your voice, unless you give Siri permission to allow others to talk to her or him. This is for security purposes.

3. Siri should provide the same ambient contextually aware information that Google Now cards provide without any prompting from you besides asking previous questions.

4. Siri should have the ability to tell you this information through the earphone. It should first ask you if you want to do so before it provides any information. This is for privacy purposes.

Let me expand on 3, which is the most important part.

The implications of this are indeed freaky. Just like how Google Now's cards are freaky in that they will provide you with helpful information you do not ask for, an artificial voice will provide you with similar information without prompting. Except with Siri being an actual voice and not a widget, not to mention made by Apple, it may cause up a bigger scare than Google Now.

But who cares. You don't get anywhere without crossing that freaky line.

Of course Siri shouldn't just automatically start tracking you. It should ask for permission and if it you give it, it should then learn your locational behaviors.

Here's a way it can work.

1. When you first talk to Siri, she should grill you in an intelligent and friendly manner. After you say you're OK with it of course. Are you at home? Where do you live if you're not there? Where do you work? What is your schedule or if your schedule is fluid, what time do you go in next?

This seems to be better than Google Now's method, which has to guess where you live. Since you can actually have a conversation with Siri, why not just tell her where you live? Like you would with any person!

2. If you're traveling by car near the time you're schedule says you have to work, Siri should automatically be searching for better routes than what you are taking, either because of traffic or shorter ways. If Siri finds a better route, she should ask you if you want to take it. This should be 100% hands-free. Siri should direct you with her or his voice.

Of course I don't know the technical wizardry needed to make this happen. But after the quite innovative Cards in Google Now, I think Apple should definitely be thinking in this direction, if they aren't already.

Artificial Intelligence (or a personal assistant) shouldn't require a button to make work. And it should learn about you and provide you with helpful information when you may need it without any prompting from you.

Anyone have any other ideas on how this can work?