What's in your Dock/Taskbar?

After the success of other Forum posts such as gaming setups, workspaces etc. I thought it would be a good idea for The Verge community to share what software they keep in their docks/taskbars - I don't discriminate if your a Windows user or not.

To start things off here is my current Dock on my 2010 Macbook Pro.


via i.imgur.com

The applications shown are:

App Store - (Has some good applications but a bit pricey - typical Apple)

Google Chrome- (My internet browser of choice)

Sparrow- (Hands down best e-mail client on mac)

iCal- (Set-up to sync with Google Calander)

iTunes- (Standard Music player)

iMovie- (Ok for quick video editing but lacks multi-track editing)

RipIt- (The best application for easily ripping DVD's to your computer)

Lightroom 4.1- (For all my RAW editing )

iWork Suite - Pages & Keynote (I have no need for numbers so I don't keep it in my dock)

Twitter - (Personally I like the official Twitter client but that may change when Tweetbot arrives on mac)

Steam- (Some say that Macs are no good for gaming but I only play a handful of Valve games so this suits my needs perfectly)

Wunderlist- (Syncs with my Android phone giving me a up to date to do list)

DVD Player- (Does what it says on the tin)

VLC- (If i need to play any strange video codecs - VLC has me covered)

*P.S. To get the invisible dock I used a program called 'Mirage' *