The Best Controls or Great Controls - Your Picks

Controls are an incredibly important aspect, and often poor controls can be the reason for a game being unplayable outside major technical flaws.

But when controls are done right, it's not always something that is praised. We might mention tight controls if they work, but that's about it. Even though this is how you actually go about interacting with the game that you are playing.

I'll get the ball rolling with some of my own choices:

- Gears of War - Outside of the way that the physics work (which is excellent), the actual controls are very well implemented. The limitation of the control makes it easy to narrow down the perfect buttons to execute what is needed and when. It works, and it works very well.

- Call of Duty - Responsive and simplistic. Running and gunning doesn't feel better anywhere else. It's smooth and easy to pick up, and carries no real quirks that are often found in FPS games. Another example of something that simply works.

Honorable Mention:

- Metal Gear Solid 4 - Although MGS games have never had good controls, they have often allowed the player with many options and interactions. But even though this was the case, it was never something that was done all that well. MGS4 changed this up a lot, and it carried a whole bunch of functions that are common for the MGS titles. It still has some quirks, and it's still not the best, but what it does and how it improves on what came before, it deserves a mention.