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Welcome to PolyTAY for Thursday July 5th, 2012.

Happy hangover if you celebrated Independence Day yesterday. If you didn't, well, happy "insert reasoning for hangover" to you too. Let's dive in with yesterdays roundup from both the Polynauts community and around the world brought to you by Sgt's Higgs & Murtaugh, from the alterverse action hit, 'Hadron Weapon I'.

Worldwide News:

Lots of crazy stuff went down yesterday around the world, you might say it's history now. Some terrifying events occured not far from myself (and my recently discovered "less than one mile away" neighbour, PaddyStardust) which means I'll probably not be walking alone at night for a while.

A scientific breakthrough occurred when a 'Higgs Boson' -like molecule (or God particle as some are wont to name it) was observed at the Large Hadron Collider, formerly known as the machine that was going to end the human race. Whilst it shares some similarities with the elusive particle obviously it will be a long time before we understand, if ever, the mysteries of where exactly mass comes from. The bigger mystery though comes from their use of Comic Sans to present their findings.

From Polynauts Central:

Yesterdays Independence TAY was a little quieter than usual as it seems the majority of you were celebrating, watching The Amazing Spider-Man and playing through Slender.

  • Prince Coyote, a self-confessed 'Food Network' junkie, spent part of his day watching a "Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives" marathon. Whilst I'm not familiar with the show I can only imagine how many bacon recipes they demonstrate.
  • Brian Crecente, is visiting his mother this week in El Paso, Texas where he "learned to drive in the sand, amidst scorpions and snakes". All I can say is check out those storm clouds overhead in his Twitter photo, I wouldn't want to be jogging in that.
  • LulzJager caused division in the ranks when they posted an image of the redesigned titular character in the Chuck-e-Cheese franchise. Some, such as Chris Plante, mourned their childhood whilst pitseleh0 managed to compare the previous design to Skate or Die. Which was awesome.
  • Gigawings posted a YouTube link to a developer upload of Battlefront III footage. A million voices suddenly cried out in terror when they realised this was as close as we were likely to get to a sequel.
  • New Polynaut Xenosilence reminds us that there are only 52 days until preorder customers can get their Guild Wars 2 groove-on. He seems excited.
  • And finally, the United States government would like you to know that no "evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found" - or mermaids if that was too vague for you. Thanks to m0re for bringing that one to our attention.
  • Justingawronski asks questions about some of the facts mentioned regarding the percentage of pirates to legitimate customers in Russ Pitts feature 'State of games: State of AAA'.
  • And Cobaltios, happy belated Canada Day to you and you fellow countrymen, I promise we won't forget next year.

Here are some of yesterdays Polygon stories you might have missed or not read yet so go ahead and click through for more.

1: Russ Frushtick brings the third installment in the 'State of Games' series. This installment covers the 'State of mobile' gaming. You can read part one, 'State of AAA', here; and part two, 'State of Indies', here.

"So long as this model of addictive, mindless free-to-play games remains as profitable as it has been, there's concern that traditional, skill-based games may become less and less appealing to developers and publishers of mobile games"

2: Andrew Webster reports that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says 3DS momentum is 'not so good' in the US and European regions.

"Considering that the US and European markets are larger than the Japanese market in terms of the size of the population, sales in the US and Europe are supposed to be larger."

3: Philip Kollar reviews 'Home' for PC, using the phrase "there's no place like hell".

"Home's aesthetic minimalism blends with its quiet, creepy story to great effect, creating the kind of psychological horror that may not haunt your nightmares outright but will stick in your subconscious for months."

4: Alexa Ray Corriea talks to Maxis' Creative Director Ocean Quigley about how Sim City no longer has to rely on smoke and mirrors now that the technology has finally caught up with their ambitions.

"Up until now, to get your hands on a simulation this sophisticated, you'd have had to be in the military or work for a university.."

Right then, today I'm not going to give you a topic to talk about today as there's a dearth of topical matter listed right here. Some of it you knew about, some you didn't. Knowledge can be pretty fun, yeah?


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