Eight months ago, Asus was one of the first to build a credible MacBook Air alternative with a similar look and feel. The 13-inch Asus Zenbook UX31 and 11-inch UX21 delivered extremely rigid all-metal frames, power-sipping Intel Sandy Bridge processors, speedy solid state storage, and unfortunately, an incredibly frustrating trackpad. Ultimately, we couldn't recommend them over their Apple competitors in any particular way, and that trackpad threw a wrench in the formula.

In March, however, we discovered that Asus intended to change the Zenbook for the better. The new Zenbook Prime UX31A and UX21A would include a revamped design with newer Ivy Bridge processors, backlit keyboards, an optional Nvidia 620M GPU, and best of all, matte 1080p IPS displays... even on the 11-inch model. That's a lot of pixels for a laptop this small.

Today, we've got a final production unit of the 13.3-inch Zenbook Prime UX31A to review, and we'll tell you if Asus nails the ultralight formula this time around.