Lets price the 7.8 Lumia family

No Windows Phone 8 :(

No Windows Phone 8 apps:(

So how would you price the Lumia family to make it attractive?

The Nokia Lumia 7.8 family are still good phones

  1. Solid operating system with so much built in functionality
  2. Good battery life
  3. Good camera
  4. Great industrial design
So how would you price it?

I would price the following

Lumia 900 retails for 299$ unlocked

Lumia 800 retails for 249$ unlocked

Lumia 710 retails for 179$ unlocked

Lumia 610 retails for 99$ unlocked

Would this be enough to make the Lumia 7.8 line recommendable again?

It wouldn't hurt to have more affordable GOOD phones on the market right?