When we saw the announcement this week of a $99 Android game console called the Ouya, it made us wonder if we’d ever see a real iOS-powered equivalent. Sure, AirPlay lets you mirror iOS games on your big screen, but for a lot of games, tapping on glass isn’t really the ideal input method. Well, Kickstarter project GameDock is looking to take the iCade model to the next level, using your iOS device to power a TV-based game console that incidentally ships with some very nostalgia-inducing USB game pads.

If the project gets funding you’ll be able to drop an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into the top of the device, connect with Bluetooth, plug the box into your TV via HDMI, and play games just like you would on any other console. It supports the dozens of App Store games playable on the iCade (including Atari’s 100 Greatest Hits), so jailbreaking your device isn’t a requirement. It can also run optimized dock-ready games built to handle two-player support and 1080p out, and includes a built-in console to help you find games the developers have personally approved. Assuming the group meets its funding goal, the GameDock and one controller can be yours for $150, although there are still a couple of $100 early-bird spots left.