The Winners of the Design a Treasure contest for Sly Cooper:Thieves In Time have been partially announced!

Ha! You guys thought a new website would keep me from posting my constant updates on this game?!

Anyway, the European winners have been picked , the rules were pretty simple, it had to be hand drawn and make sense in the game.

Also with my total investigation , well would you look at that? And Egyptian headdress? Slytenkamen Cooper here we come(To be clear an Egyptian level hasn't been confirmed officially yet but...come on...)



A Spyglass? Why hello there Henriette "One Eyed" Cooper, this just strengthin's the unannounced Pirate level rumors(well....I mean there's screenshot's their not really all that rumourish).



My last point is about the Mona Lisa adaptation winner, could that just be loot for the modern day Paris level? *Or* could we be going back a bit to past paris, Sly's father perhaps?

Can't wait until the North and South American winners are announced!