New Restricted Search

Because of the whole patent thing with the Galaxy Nexus, an update is coming which restricts the ability to search. Take a read:

A spokesman for Google has said that they will be rolling out this update to all Galaxy Nexus devices throughout the US regardless of which carrier they are on. The patch is thought to dumb down the search bar on the home screens of Android handsets and will limit searches to only those from the internet. This means that users will no longer be able to perform a search on their handset locally. Which means that such as on device apps, Gmail which is integrated and other search results will not be shown. Voice Search will also have the same restraints and have limited search results.

This means that the feature that has been one of the main selling points of Android will soon be gone, even though it had the feautre before iOS.

I can not convey how angry I am at the moment.