Windows desktop gadgets, originally introduced in Windows Vista, will reportedly be removed from the final version of Windows 8. That's the word from Win8china, a site that has obtained one of the latest internal builds of Windows 8. Despite being supported in Windows 8 Consumer and Release Preview editions, build 844x of Windows 8, which is not available publicly, contains no references to desktop gadgets in the control panel or desktop mode.

Microsoft originally introduced a desktop widget engine in its Windows Vista operating system, utilizing a special sidebar. The mini-apps are based on HTML and can obtain information from web feeds. Microsoft removed the sidebar part of its gadgets implementation in Windows 7, but continued to support the standalone gadgets. The apparent removal could be linked to Microsoft's continued Metro push and the fact developers can build HTML Metro style apps. We have reached out to Microsoft to find out whether this is a temporary removal or if the company plans to support gadgets as a separate app or in a premium SKU of Windows 8 — we'll update you accordingly.

Thanks, Windows4live!