Bring This App to Android

Hey everyone, I got to thinking about how far Android has come, especially with the release of Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7, and I really can't think of a single way that iOS is better than Android except for Game Center, sleeker hardware, a little more polish in some areas of the ecosystem, and app and game quality. The biggest out of all of those, though, in my opinion, is the last. It seems that for so long, devs code for iOS first, then port it to Android and not even worry about quality.

I think many of the reasons devs choose iOS first are misconceptions, or skewed stats. I think Android users ARE willing to pay, but just don't have enough of a great selection to justify buying many games, so OF COURSE the iOS app store will show that devs bring in more money: because there are better apps available for it. It's kind of catch-22 if you think about it. I also think a lot of devs hear things like fragmentation or having to code for different screen sizes and get scared, without fully understanding how fragments and other aspects of coding for Android work.

In short, so as not to type an huge essay on it, I created a Google+ page called "Bring This App to Android" where you follow it, or suggest high quality apps, and then we contact the devs and ask if we can expect and Android version soon, and help convince them to bring their apps over.

Surprisingly, I have had a lot of good feedback and support for this. The first two I contacted, which are the devs for WTHR and IfAlarm, said they would love to, and their main reasons are that they would either want to break even in the first year (which I think I already convinced them would happen), or they just need to find a good Android dev. Many of the devs I've contacted actually really want to bring their apps to Android, but they just need to be shown the demand is there. It also helps that blogs like Android Police which I've talked to said they would feature them if they did release and Android version, which would get them a lot more publicity. Several developers told me that it is very hard to get iOS app blogs to talk about their apps, even though they look incredible.

However, in order to get this project to work, I'd need people who are interested in these apps to follow the pages for the apps they're interested in. That way not only will the devs know that there is a great deal of interest in their apps, but you'd also get updates from the devs on the status of the app, which I think would be a nice feature if you're looking forward to when an app will be released. It beats just hearing nothing and then one day "hey this app is released now!"

Is anyone interested? I'm not on Facebook, so if someone did want to help me with this on Facebook or Twitter then that would be helpful, but it isn't needed.

The Google+ page is here.