Earlier this week it came to light that iOS and even some Mac apps were crashing after receiving corrupted updates from the iTunes and Mac App Stores. Apple has remained characteristically mum on the issue up until now, but TechCrunch is reporting that Cupertino has updated developers on the status of the issue. According to the site, a representative under the name "iTunesConnect" has responded to complaints in Apple's developer forums, stating that the company is "aware of the issue" and is "currently working on resolving" the matter. Several developers that spoke to TechCrunch have also said they received emails from Apple acknowledging the issue, with one being informed that the company has a dedicated team looking into fixing the problem.

Instapaper developer Marco Arment raised the issue when Instapaper users reported problems after updating the reading app. The problem with Instapaper has since been resolved, but Arment is continuing to compile a full list of affected apps on his site.