Feature request: Vergecast live chat with GIF support

Dear Verge product dudes,

A few of us were discussing in the preshow Vergecast live chat today that there is a serious, almost inexcusable lack of animated GIFs in there. I'm pretty sure I can't get through another hour of tech, tech-culture, culture-culture and the culture-club without the emotional support provided by "the greatest shit storm of our time" being posted every 4 or 5 seconds to appease the ever mounting vicarious pain at watching Josh melt in the hot-as-hell studio.

With the launch of the new live-blogging platform and video player, I figured you guys might be working on a live-stream and live-chat replacement (?).

If true, how about some GIF support? Oh, and definitely, definitely, include a no-gif switch for those times when the the ever present anarchy descends yet further into an unmitigated horror show of "deal with it" glasses appearing on flailing Neil De Grasse Tysons.