London's BFI IMAX theater reopened today after adding a new IMAX 3D Digital projector and installing a brand new silver screen. The theater has posted a picture walkthrough of the whole process, which began when it closed on June 22nd. After the new screen arrived, the theater cut down the old one, installed new speakers (using lasers to estimate sound coverage), and installed the new IMAX 3D Digital projector. Then a team of ten men raised the 800kg screen (that's about 1,764 pounds) to its full height of 20 meters (about 65 feet).

After sitting for two days to allow the creases to drop from the screen, it received a silver paint job from a spray gun that used lasers to ensure it remained equidistant from the screen at all times. As the gallery explains, the silver paint reflects light in straight lines and prevents ghosting caused by refraction off white screens. The theater will break in the new equipment starting today with showings of The Amazing Spider-Man.