HP Folio 13

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Reviewed by JamsJordn (Currently owns)

The HP Folio 13 may be chunkier than all the other ultrabooks on the market but it really doesn't feel that way. It has sacrificed that sleekness for a high quality feel which I did not get from any other I tried. The buit in speakers are better than my friends MBA with a much fuller sound.

If the design does not tickle your fancy the keybard and touchpad will. The keyboard is by far the best I have ever tried including regular laptops and desktop keyboards and the backlight only adds to this. If you haven't owned an HP before it may take some getting used to as the function keys are swapped arounds so that screen brightness and media control are defaults and you must press fn to get to f1 etc. This can be changed in bios though. The tiny up and dowu adjust.n keys are odd to get used to but become extremely useful as yo

The touchpad is just as good as the macbooks and boasts similar features with what appears to be HP's custom driver. It includes two finger press right click and four finger flicking for changing windows as well as three finger flicking for next and previous in slideshows. Some of these features do need to be turned on so make sure you ask to test out the full capabilities of the touchpad.

Full sized ports have saved my life multiple times especially when I did a clean install of windows and there was no built in wifi driver and I needed to download a new one with my ethernet.
With all the good also comes the bad. The fan is loud enough for other people to take notice and with the intake being on the bottom it struggles whenever it is covered.

The Folio is also very easy to repair. After a mishap with my screen I was able to easily order a new screen from HP, who offer many of the parts for sale, which came as a single piece for the whole lid of the laptop. The repair was fast and easy and should be simple for anyone with even the slightest of screwdriver and wedge skills.

At the time I purchased this I also convinced both my sister and a friend to buy one as we were all looking for laptops and they have loved them. The Folio 13 is an amazing ultrabook and I would highly reccomend it.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 8
  • Keyboard 10
  • Touchpad 9
  • Display 7
  • Performance 6
  • Heat / noise 6
  • Battery life 9
  • Software 6
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