"Marketers: Exploit game players with this clever psychological trick!"


Gamasutra has an interesting, and utterly terrifying article describing some new advertising tactics that marketing departments are experimenting with for game consoles.

"[T]he most grim part of the article was where he discussed how to advertise products through avatars and, by doing so, affect consumer behavior. Even if we know perfectly well that it’s happening.

Citing a research presented at a professional conference, Balenson describes how he and a colleague blatantly Photoshopped subjects’ heads onto the bodies of actors in advertisements. One participant in the study, for example, might have viewed an image of himself holding up a fictitious brand of soda and smiling like an idiot, as if to endorse it.

After the study, subjects tended not only to remember the brands better, but actually indicated greater preference to them relative to other options."