Rethinking the Lock Screen playback controls (mockup)

[EDIT] See the updated version of this mockup (thanks to feedback) here.

Despite the drastic UI change of the new Music app in iOS 6, the software update will most likely come and go this fall and we'll still be looking at the same lock screen playback controls we've always had. But I hope not!

What's wrong with it?

As a company who's pillars include music, you'd think it would be simpler to control playback on my locked device. It may be a minor grievance for some, but many know what i'm talking about. You're listening to a song or podcast when someone starts talking to you, or you wish to quickly pause what you're listening to for whatever reason. You stumble with the home button until it registers a double click to access the standard 'previous/pause/next' playback icons. You go to press pause and instead hit previous or next! (Especially irking to lose progress/track of where you were in a podcast!) Why are these buttons spaced so closely? Why do I need to double click, then tap (hopefully successfully), to accomplish something so simple?

Why there's a chance for change.

Apple quickly realized this issue with the camera shortcut it implemented. Before 5.1, you had to double click the home button to get access to the camera button, then tap that. Somewhat useless considering the point was for instant access. Thankfully that was shortlived, and they came up with a smarter way for quick access.

Now with the camera shortcut always visible, the only thing we get out of hitting the home button twice on the lock screen are the playback controls. The point of this mockup is to show a way to improve this view. But first, just a reference image at what it looks like to listen to music in iOS 6 (before and after double clicking the home button);


Inspired by the 'now playing' view in the new Music app (as well as the condensed volume controls from another mockup of mine), I tried to make something that—as long as there is media playing—would display enough information as well as controls without the need for a double click of the home button. It was important to have it be condensed as possible (versus the expanded version currently) while still addressing the spacing issues of the actual controls.

Anyway, here is what I came up with:


Credit to this discussion (which included this issue) for making want to share this. Thanks!