Useful Widgets?

What are the most useful Widgets on Android?

I currently only use Power Control. I used to have GO Launcher and its Task Manager in the pre-ICS days but that's long behind us.

Every other Widget I find is, to me, just a glorified app launcher. Take something like the Weather Channel widget, for example. I used it for the longest time, but then I realized, I usually check the map and check the forecast and other things that requires the app to be launched. The Widget is just a giant button for me to launch the app. I need a little more out of these widgets for them to be useful.

After reading about how Microsoft was going to kill Gadgets in Windows 8, I wondered if I ever really used widgets/gadgets/tiles. Now, I won't comment on Live Tiles since I haven't used Windows 8 or Windows Phone 7 much yet, but I don't use Gadgets in Windows currently. I don't use Dashboard on the Mac. And on Android, I hardly use Widgets.

Maybe I just don't find the concept of "information at a glance" all that useful when there's notifications and perfectly functioning apps that are more useful.

Any examples of Widgets that have a bit more functionality and practicality?