The team behind the popular CyanogenMod ROMs for Android devices has taken stock of everything that Google announced at I/O last week and is ready to move forward with the next version, CyanogenMod 10. CM10 will be based on Android 4.1, the teams says, and although they haven't seen the source code yet, their hunch is that it will be simple enough to work with. So simple, in fact, that they won't have to engage in the same kind of major rewrite that Android 4.0 required of CM9. Once CM9 is out and stable, they'll "work on CM7 and CM10 only," with CyanogenMod 9 devices put on the fast track to get on CM10 when it's released.

When will that be? "When it's ready," of course. Theoretically the wait for CM10 should be a bit shorter than it was for the previous iteration, but it's hard to complain about ETAs when the price you're paying is an outrageous zero dollars for a fast, stable, and cruft-free ROM. Oh, and if none of the preceding sentences about Android ROMs and their creation made any sense to you, let founder Steve Kondik explain it all.