LG's recent efforts in the US phone market have been somewhat... underwhelming. The company's been a stalwart supporter of 720p displays, which is great, but some combination of poor software, underpowered internals, and bad build quality have consistently brought LG's phones crashing back to earth.

Over in Europe, there's a phone that appears to have shed all those limitations and is ready to take over the world: the Optimus 4X HD. Software? Check — it runs Android 4.0, a much-improved version of the OS. Hardware? Check — it's powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and 1GB of RAM. Build quality? At least it's not made of slimy plastic.

Call me jaded if you will, but coming from LG it all seemed too good to be true. Has LG finally gotten all its ducks in a row, and made a stellar handset with the Optimus 4X HD? Read on.