Nike has long been known for its highly specific athletics gear. Its shoes are all sold under the same umbrella, but each one is specialized for basketball, cricket, free running, or some individual buyer’s needs. At the same time, the company is one of the most established sources of electronic exercise tracking, starting back in 2006 with a jogging sensor that paired with Apple’s iPod. Nike’s FuelBand tracker, launched earlier this year, can log almost as many forms of exercise as Nike has shoes, distilling its measurements down into a single net metric: Nike’s own Fuel.

Now, the company is introducing two new pairs of shoes aimed at taking the next logical step: turning training and sports achievements themselves into a unified game within a game. We were able to spend some time with both the new Nike+ Hyperdunk and Lunar shoes, getting a glimpse at how they performed — and what they could mean for Nike’s future.