Kodak sold off its Gallery online photo sharing service to Shutterfly as part of ongoing restructuring efforts, and the transition is now taking place. Kodak Gallery has closed for business, with users unable to view their photos until their accounts have been transferred to Shutterfly. How long will that take? Well, that's the real question — Shutterfly CIO Geoffrey Weber tells the LA Times that the most active users will get priority and should be moved over within a couple of weeks, with less frequent users likely having to wait one or two months.

You should be good if you've already linked your Kodak Gallery to a new Shutterfly account yourself, but the page that lets you do that has been unavailable since Monday. It's expected to be restored later this week, and once you manage to get your Shutterfly account up and running you'll be able to make 50 free prints. The transition involves moving around 5 billion photo files from service to service, so it's not surprising that it can't all be done overnight. Once complete, Kodak will no doubt want to concentrate on selling off its patents and fixing its precarious financial situation.