Google's master plan to solve Android fragmentation?

Android version updates are slow. And unreliable. And Inconsistent. And Slow.

Android is open. You can take it and do whatever you want. Skin it, mod it, ruin it and slap it onto anything to your heart's content. But, oops! Look at that, it accidentally infringes on a buttload of software patents...

Litigation ensues. Injunctions occur. Google fixes it with an OTA update. Within a week. Voila, problem solved.

Unless you're not selling a phone running the latest version of Android, a.k.a. everyone. Unless you're one of the poor saps trying to go it alone with your slapdash, overworked, underfunctional Android variant. Google seems to be mum on the matter. Will you get sued next? How will you keep your devices flowing now that you're all-in on this Android platform?

Looks like it would be a lot safer to start shipping devices with stock Android.

(what if they planned it this way all along!) I know. That sounds like a crazy mess of nonsense. But, it makes just enough sense to make you pause...