NExus Injunction: Did Matias Duarte succeed in making users respond emotionally to the Galaxy Nexus?

Over the last couple of days something has been painfully clear, lots of people are up in arms about the Nexus injunction, handed down by Lucy Koh in a California District court. And while personally I think it's a little over-reaction by people, #boycottapple has been trending storngly on social networking sites. Samsung and Google are big boys, they will (and they have) come up up with a workaround, to make sure the Nexus isn't off the market for more than a few days.

But what was in contrast to earlier bans and injunctions was the immediate and forceful backlash. I do not recall any product in recent history to inspire this level of passionate protest, by people who either own the device (in which case it makes no difference to them whether there is an injunction or not) or like lots of the rest, people who don't own the device. The HTC One X recently underwent a lengthier hiatus, there were considerable launch delays, but the community reaction wasn't this strong, nobody gave a peep about the similar Tab 10.1 injunction last week, which was arguably a bigger deal, because it's likelihood of returning is slimmer.

So my question is, why is the Galaxy Nexus evoking such a strong emotional response from people? Did Matias Duarte succeed in creating that subconscious emotional bond between Man and Device, as he said he was attempting to at the ICS launch? Does the new feel and direction of Android speak to you in similar ways? Is there a simpler reasoning? Could that simpler reasoning be influenced subconsciously by the above emotional connection?