Mods! Can't Live Without 'Em!

Greetings, fellow Polynauts!

Like many of you, I play video games. I quite enjoy them. Sometimes, however, they are not enough. Obvious choices are skimmed over, graphics are held back by consoles, and sometimes, sometimes... you just want to have more fun than the developers had time to make!

That's where mods come in.

Whether it's fixing bugs, revamping old games and making them look glorious (ohai Doom 3!), or basically creating completely brand new games, mods are really awesome. I got into modding years ago with Microsoft Flight Simulator--it was an absolute blast being able to insert nuclear bombs into what was otherwise just a game about flying around--and I've been wanting to get back into it a lot, lately, but haven't really been able to, since I'm fairly bad at self-teaching these days.

While my inability to self-teach might be a problem, I can still enjoy mods, so here are a few that are pretty cool and worth checking out. I'd be interested to hear your suggestsions for great single-player mods in the comments below (you can mention multiplayer--no one's gonna stop you--but I'm particularly interested in experiencing good solo ones).

  • Nehrim: At Fate's Edge is considered by some to be Oblivion's best mod. It's a total conversion--or, in other words, a full game, free to anyone who owns a copy of Oblivion. Check it out!
  • Poke646 is arguably the classic Half-Life mod, from back in the day. Despite its stupid name, it's absurdly awesome.
  • The less said about Cry of Fear the better, so I'll leave it at this: play it.
  • Dibella's Watch is another huge Oblivion mod, though unlike Nehrim, it takes place in Tamriel.

Personally, if I could mod a game, I'd like to go with Dragon Age Origins. I think it'd be fun to show Bioware up at their own game by making a worthier sequel their best current-gen RPG and get something nice and beefy on my resume. Plus, I think the existing toolset would make it a lot easier to mod. Still, like I've said, I suck at learning things, so it's probably not going to happen.

What single-player mods would you guys recommend?