Does 7 inches really matter?

Everyone has been going crazy talking about a 7 inch iPad. After going into deep thought I realized for me a 7 inch iPad would be a waste. The iPad is all about the screen. The current iPads screen is big enough to do work but not big to the point where it is hard to hold. With a 7 inch iPad you would have less room to do everything. Right now I am typing this on my iPad, it is not hard to do because the iPad is almost the size of a regular keyboard. With 7 inches it becomes much harder to type on. This is due to the decrease in space. Movie watching will be less enjoyable. You will see less content on the 7inch iPad. The only benefit I can see is that it will be lighter. The iPad isn't heavy right now anyways so that does not matter to me at least. Also it will be more portable. To me that also does not matter because it will not be small enough to fit in your pocket. So that means I would have to have another thing to carry it anyways. In conclusion I think a 7 inch iPad would be more compromises than advantages.