Facebook is planning a new ad product that uses data about what apps people use to serve ads, The Wall Street Journal reports. An increasing number of applications either integrate with Facebook or use Facebook sign-in, so gathering this kind of data should be simple for the company. The new mobile ads will fit directly into your news feed, and won't necessarily be based on anything your or your friends have Liked in the past (like many ads on Facebook). Instead, the ads will be based on apps you've installed that Facebook knows about.

The company makes a good chunk more money from users who install apps from ads versus users who view or tap a standard advertisement. Already, "about half of all ads on Facebook are for apps," a source told the Journal. When Facebook filed for its IPO, it said that it didn't yet make any money from its 250 million or more mobile users. Facebook's App Center, which was announced a month ago and has been rolling out recently, doesn't accept payments from users for web / mobile apps, and only guides users to Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store. It's one of many ways that the company seems to be betting on mobile going forward, while only mobile ads have manifested themselves as revenue streams just yet. Facebook plans to announce tools for developers to take advantage of the new mobile ad unit later this month.