Will Apple have to make a Metro version of Itunes??

So think about it.... regardless of wether or not windows 8 is a huge success or a mild success, in about 6 months Windows * will be on millions of computers/tablets. Many of those computers will be running windows RT which does not support 3rd party desktop style application.

So Apple will be in a tough spot: Do we build a metro version of Itunes for the (hopefully) millions of people on Windows RT or do we just say screw you and not build it?

I think they will have to build it because the iPhone is so tied to iTunes. Many people will get a Windows RT tablet and wonder why they can't sync their iPhone with it.

My guess is that Apple will hold out until the sales of Windows RT are proven, but in the end, they are going to have to build a Metro version of iTunes.

What do you all think??