Cydia Tweaks

I just jailbreaked my iPod Touch.

I have been looking for some useful tweaks. Here is what I have so far.


Lock Screen-

-hold home to unlock

-hold power to play/pause

-double tap home to skip song

Home Screen-

-1 home click multitask

In App-

1 home click to use appslide (add on)


-Swipe left to right clock to skip song

-Swipe right to left clock to go back a song

-Hold on clock to play/pause

Swipe Selection


-Status bar date

-Numeric battery

-hide some stock apps that I never use

Chrome and Sparrow as defaults

Browser Chooser

Chromizer (enhances chrome with fullscreen browsing and some gestures)

Kill Background (a kill switch for multasking tray)

Those are all the tweaks I currently have. I was wondering if there are any other really good tweaks out their that anybody knows of. They need to be free (only 14, don't have a paypal account). List of any really good tweaks you have in the comment section.