Facebook/Firefox OS - the only way to success.

While iOS and Android rule the mobile OS market, it might seem folly to enter into the mobile OS space right now. There's too much catching up to do, right?

Yet, sometime last week, Firefox announced their intent of coming out with a phone OS.

And rumors of a Facebook phone has always been there. Yes, HTC did make two phones a FB button, but that doesn't count.

What do I think is the only way to success?

Let's look at it like this.

Facebook on the web, from a desktop is a different experience from a mobile or a tablet. On the desktop, it is a platform, a platform with its own set of apps and games and what not. On the mobile or the tablet, we only get the core functionality of Facebook - social networking.

The only way they can disrupt the market is if they could bring the Facebook platform to the mobile phone. Like how you need an Apple ID, a google ID or a Windows Live ID - you start the phone with logging on with your Facebook credentials.

All the apps available on the Facebook website, from Washington Post Social Reader to Farmville to stupid who-are-you quizzes - should all be natively available and possible to run on this phone, this true Facbook phone.

Where does the Firefox OS (Boot to Gecko?) come into all of this? Well, as far as I've read, it's a HTML based OS. And Facebook on the web is, of course, HTML based. I believe this Firefox OS can become the platform on which the Facebook Mobile OS can be put on (unless they are working on one themselves).

I don't know if it's possible from a developer point of view. I don't know if the apps/games that we enjoy on a bigger screen can be natively ported onto a phone. But I do know, that if Facebook wants a Facebook Phone, Facebook OS for Mobile, this is the least that they have to offer.