What game are you currently playing, and would you recommend it?

I must confess, I probably spend more time talking about games than I actually do playing them... Recently I've had a little more spare time than usual so I've ben burning through my backlog and I've rediscovered some real gems!
It got me wondering what everyone else in the community is playing through right now, and would they recommend it to other gamers? A little bit of descriptive flavour summing up your experiences with "game X" would be great too.


For the past two days I've been mostly playing Dead Space: Extraction on the PS3

It's the "improved" port of the Wii game of the same name, best played with motion controls bundled with Dead Space 2... An old school on-the-rails shoot 'em up that takes place just before the first Dead Space. It's quite heavy on plot (surprising for an on-the-rails shooter!) - though there is a more action-oriented mode that progressively unlocks as you proceed through the main campaign.
So far I've finished the campaign once and I've been mucking around in the challenge mode and... I have to say. This game is a lot of fun! It's making me want to play the other Dead Space games all over again! I've taken to playing the game with two move controllers, like a cack-handed John Woo (The game supports local co-op) and I'm having a blast! Definitely recommend to shooter fans, especially those who've played and enjoyed the first game in the series!

So how about you guys?