Pandora has just pushed out version 3.2 of its iPhone music streaming app, and while a mere point update usually doesn't suggest major changes, the company has packed plenty of new functionality into this release. The app's user interface has received a visual makeover and now features a design that adheres to a Facebook-like color scheme. Song lyrics can be displayed when tapping a square icon located in the upper right portion of the app, and this is where you can also now review (and rate) the track history of whatever station you're listening to. On that note, a new "I'm tired of this track" option will temporarily prevent a song from repeating during your listening session.

Artists and songs you've bookmarked from the web are now directly integrated in the app, as well. Pandora has brought musician biographies — previously available to iPad users — to the iPhone, and the new update also promises to lessen battery drain while in use. Pandora version 3.2 for iPhone can be downloaded now in the iTunes App Store.