All expensive single player pc games should require always on connections

The online game market is thriving for free 2 play games like league of legends, and games like diablo III sold millions of copies. People like playing games on the PC and there is a large market there, but companies are refusing to release games on the platform because of piracy concerns.

I just learned today of a game called dragons dogma, looks fantastic, console only. Don't have/want a console? Go suck a lemon, that is the companies response. Capcom, the maker of that game gave some canned answer to why they are not releasing a pc version of the game, but we all know it is probably because of concerns over piracy.

There is a solution, a solution that will get more of these companies to stop being so averse to pc game development. Just require always on connections like diablo III. YES it's annoying, YES, it's a hassle, but between minor temporal issue with that format vs not having the game at all, I'll choose the always on connection.

The PC is the better platform for many types of games, and it should be the premier platform, but for that to happen, companies need to be sure they can get money for their work. And always on connections seems like the only answer. Not every game can be a league of legends, with a free to play model.