The bad news for electronics retail Best Buy continues today with news that it will be cutting 2,400 more jobs on top of those it already cut in this year's closure of 50 stores, MarketWatch reports. The Geek Squad will be hit particularly hard, with 600 jobs out of the 20,000-strong staff getting cut. The cuts amount to 1.4-percent of Best Buy's total workforce of 167,000 employees.

Meanwhile, the company's "Connected Store" effort continues, with recent write-ups in the Wall Street Journal and the local Star Tribune citing the so-called "Apple-esque" feel to the redesign. Best Buy's interim CEO Mike Mikan called the "Best Buy 2.0" stores "catch-up." The company is aiming for 50 "Connected" stores by the end of the year along with 100 Best Buy Mobile stores focusing on smartphones and tablets.