Personal Issues with Windws 8

  1. Charms Bar- I never use it. Every website has a share button not that necessary but I guess it is okay when wanting to share something within an App. The Start Button is kinda useless when you discover the Windows button on your laptop but then again I guess it's useful for tablet owners. The devices button should not be there! who the hell uses it besides people with three screens. I would rather have a power off button there.
  2. Symantec Zoom- okay symantec zoom is okay on the start screen but have you used it on other apps? It either is not supported or completely useless. Use it right now on the Windows Store and tell me it is not. Not sure if it is not supported because soom of these are preview apps but Microsoft should make it mandatory that it works on every app same for sharing.
  3. Clock- I can't see the time unless I go to the Charms bar!
  4. Metro Noobs- Some people make Metro apps look childish. Also discover-ability is completly gone on some apps much like the Xbox. Go to the Video App and try to find the trailers or any other thing else. Zune shows more info on it's screen than the current apps. It seems that the new Metro places imagery above typography compared to the Zune program.

Well these are just a few issues I had. Am sure some of these will be fixed because this is just a consumer preview. What are your issues with Win 8?