Question to Josh/Verge regarding Lumia, iPhone and Nexus Scores

Just to point out, I don’t want to start any flame wars here

Yesterday, I had a chance to play with the friend’s iphone 4 for the first time and it felt very bad in my hand. I have no issues with the iPhone 3GS and it feels pretty solid in my hand but the flat surface/shape made iphone 4 unbearable to hold and the thought alone of holding it again makes me cringe.


So I have 3 questions, since you use Nexus as your primary device right now and rated Lumia's design 10, do you:

- Also find iphone 4 uncomfortable to hold after using nexus and other devices as your dally driver?
- When you rated Lumia 900 10/10, did you consider the looks alone (Vlad gave Lumia 800 9/10, which I think looks better than L900), or did you factor ergonomics too?
- Do you guys plan to bring ergonomics and the feel in your hand as another factor to rate the phones? Or is it a part of design? If so, what %?