Is anyone else having these problems with the Windows 8 Release Preview?

I have been experiencing 2 main problems and 2 slightly annoying bugs with the Release Preview, and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same:

1. Random freezes. I can sometimes go to the Start screen, but then everything freezes except the mouse and I just have to wait for it to work again. Ctrl+Alt+Delete doesn't work. Eventually, everything does work though. It's just annoying.

2. Shutdown bug. I won't go into all the details here, but see my Microsoft Answers post on it: It turns out people with many PC types have this problem, and there are 3 workarounds until the final version of Windows 8 is released: 1. When you want to shut down, log out first. Then shut down from the log on screen. 2. Disable fast startup (though this leaves startup slow like Windows 7) 3. (This is what I did) Go into Device Manager, and under "Disk Drives" disable all card reader etc.

Those are the more 'major' problems, which I hope will be fixed by the final release. Now for 2 bugs:

1. Sometimes, the Calendar live tile won't update with the latest information (a new date, or a new next calendar appointment). Turning the live tile off and on again doesn't do anything, but sometimes editing an event in the app makes it update. If/when it doesn't, I have to usually re-install the app. 2. (I think this affects everyone in the UK/outside of the US) The weather live tile simply doesn't work. I've re-installed it, turned the live tile off and on again and checked settings but it just didn't work. Also, putting weather as the lock screen default status doesn't work.

I didn't experience the shutdown bug, or the calendar or weather bugs in the Consumer Preview, and I hope they will be fixed for the final version.

Have you experienced any of these bugs? Have you found any workarounds?