Super Bad: Oral Sex Scene in The Secret World (NSFW)

I saw this on Kotaku today. I realize the post is from yesterday. It's moments like this in videogames where I feel like we're not up to snuff on what's okay to show. It's not that a scene showing an oral sex scene in a videogame should necissarily be taboo, but with a face like the one below, I could only laugh and feel a little ashamed that it even exists: 96404032_medium

I don't know a tasteful way to to show this kind of scene currently, and I'm almost more put off by the idea that this is what Funcom is selling. The unrealistic, low polygon models of the game clash with my interest in the overall narrative and drive a fission between it being a hokey game trying to be more than it is, and it genuinely trying to create a solid narrative. All of my confusion was dispelled though, as the *du-dum* sound initiated while your character lets out a breath of air during his sweet hummer. This sealed the scene's hilarity and disconnect for me.

A further point is one of sexual orientation, where in I don't believe it matters if you want to play a gay character or a straight one as there is likely no choice; Your character might getting the job from the opposite sex, whether they like it or not. Just something to consider for Funcom if they want to drive home how "mature" the series really strives to be.

That said, I personally played the beta as the Illuminati. I found the dialogue to be really stereotypical, where people were forced into a certain role or archetype; The smooth-taking persuasive dude, the mad scientist, a tough-as-nails trainer, a modern cowboy, a cop that has seen hard times, a gypsy with a lecherous past, an evangelist. These were all two-dimensional characters who were given arguably good voice actors, but weakly written dialogue and no depth or inner turmoil. Get this: This was within the first 30 or-so minutes of game-play.