Want to watch the EVO 2012 finals with Polygon? Live in SF Bay Area? Join me!


I suck at fighting games, but that isn't stopping me from blowing my whole weekend watching the world's best fighting game players duke it out at EVO 2012. Now how about you join me?

Tomorrow (Sunday, July 8) my good friends at Twitch and Dark Blood have rented out the TVs at Mad Dog in the Fog, a bar at 530 Haight Street in San Francisco. From the Mortal Kombat finals at 1pm all the way through the Street Fighter finals at 11pm, we'll be watching the HD stream live, socializing, and partaking in some delicious drinks.

If you live in the Bay Area, you're welcome to and encouraged to join in the festivities! It will be a lot of fun. Check out details on the Facebook event page and feel free to mark yourself as coming there if you can make it! We'd love to see you.