The Galaxy Nexus is now available for purchase in the Google Play store following Samsung's successful appeal for temporary relief, but buyers will have to wait between two and three weeks to get it. Yesterday, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit suspended the ban on the handset that went into effect on June 29th, and Google confirmed on Thursday that the Galaxy Nexus had been pulled from the Play Store due to the injunction that had been issued in connection with Apple's infringement lawsuit.

The ban will only be suspended until Apple can respond to Samsung's request and the court decides whether it should stay in effect throughout the patent infringement trial, but Google said that the phone would be back on sale sometime this week with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a workaround to the software patent in dispute. It's not yet clear why the device will take up to three weeks to ship, but it could have something to do with the Jelly Bean upgrade: as of now the Play Store page still says that the device will "soon" have Android 4.1. In any case, you can once again fork over $349 for the unlocked HSPA+ handset direct from Google.

Update: The Google Play store page for the Galaxy Nexus now shows a one to two week delivery window.

Thanks, Brennan!