Love/Hate Relationship With Paul Miller

I like Paul Miller. I think he's a cool guy. Paul Miller annoys me sometimes. There are times I find him unbearable.

I think Paul has a unique way of thinking. Sometimes you listen to him on the podcast and you wonder: "What the hell is he talking about?"

But there are times, he makes great analogies about what he's talking about in relation to technology.

He is on an interesting journey. Being away from the internet is tough especially since his job is writing and research about technology and the internet is mostly the best source.

I think this is actually good for him because I have come up with a hypothesis: Paul Miller has been spoiled by the internet and technology.

I use tech in my daily life. I have several devices including an iPad and a smartphone. I don't necessarily depend on those devices but they enhance my living in certain ways. Paul on the other hand seems to have come into the world completely surrounded by the internet and tech stuff. He talks about things like newspapers and letters like they just came out of time capsules from the 1980s. He talks about them like they're foreign to him and he's never encountered them before.

Or maybe he has encountered them but the fact that he's always on the internet and covering stories, he's forgotten how to get used to it.

"Love/Hate" might be strong terms. Or maybe it's because I get annoyed by people who can't function without their tech devices. Also, I don't like when people look down on other's who aren't using modern technology like smartphones or iPads in their daily lives. This doesn't necessarily apply to Paul.

I can't write to Paul to express what I'm saying here because I'm far over in another time zone.

Anyway, I hope Paul comes out with a new viewpoint when he's done with his experiment. Hope he finds that although technology is awesome and cool, the little stuff outside of the thing called the internet matters.