Polynauts Assemble! (Polygon Community Interaction Thread) (Updated 7/30)

Hallo, fellow Polynauts! This is the community interaction thread. It's intended as a resource for all your community wants and needs! Want to chat with others? We've got ways to do that. Have some games you'd like to trade on Steam? We've got you covered! If there's any way you'd like to interact with other members of the community that extend beyond the normal forum threads you've already been creating, it's our hope that this thread will provide you with all the information you could possibly want or need!

Hopefully, those of you wishing to share contact information will do so in the comments below and in the "About" section of your user profile.


  • #Polynauts
  • Steam Group
  • Halogon
  • Multiplayer Threads
  • Item Gifting
  • Voice Chat


For those of you interested in live-chatting, we've got an IRC channel set up called #Polynauts over on the IRCHighway network. There are several advantages to having an IRC channel. For one thing, unlike Steam or MSN, one can access IRC just about anywhere through mibbit. IRC also allows private discussion, solving that pesky "no private messaging on the forums" problem. If you have an IRC client (as opposed to logging in through mibbit), you can also log chats, which is great if you've got a memory like a goldfish.

You might want an IRC client, which will remember your login information, log chats for you, and set itself to autojoin the right channel whenever you turn it on. If that's the case, look no further than KVIrc! It can even be set to run automatically when you boot up Windows (not sure if the same is true for the Linux and Mac versions). Mac users may also want to try Colloquy, and I personally use the UPP version of mIRC. Lots of choices out there.

If you would like to try it now, you can follow the instructions below, or run this handy, ready-to-go client. Just unzip it somewhere and run it! It'll automatically join the channel and everything, and people there will tell you what to change so you can use your desired screen name!

Just download the program from the link above, install it, and follow the directions it gives you. Make sure to pick the Minimalist theme when you're presented with an option for a theme. When you come to the window that says "Servers," click the blue folder icon on the right side (if you hover your mouse over it, you'll see some text that says "Import List"). Click "Import from..." and choose the second option from www.mirc.co.uk. In the filter box, type "irchighway." Then, select "irc.irchighway.net" and click "connect now."

Once you've connected, type "/join #Polynauts" and you're all set and ready to chat! For smoother logging in, just ask in the chat and people will be glad to help you.

At some point, I'll put together a nice visual guide to make things easier and I'll include a link here.

Steam Group:

For those of you wishing to make some friends or join each other on Steam, we've got a Steam Group setup over here. Anyone can join, so it's highly encouraged that you do so! In the future, we'll try to post regular multiplayer events.

More information in this section is forthcoming.


Halogon, formerly known as Halotaku (I think?), is our Halo community; Mintycrys is its de facto leader. They've got a community thread that can be located here. Basically, if you want to talk about Halo, plan some multiplayer games, or do anything else Halo-related, then it's best to head on over to Halogon.

If you want to create your own game-specific community group, like Assassin's Creedogon or Gearsogon or EVEogon, have at it!

UPDATE 1: Some of you have talked about setting up a Guild Wars 2 guild. Cool. When it's ready, and you've got your own thread, I'll post a link. If other communities around certain games form, then I'll create a list of community threads.

More information in this section is forthcoming.

Multiplayer Threads!

So! Let's say you want to play a game with other people. Cool! The best way to go about that, obviously, is to either chat with people over Steam/IRC/Halogon thread or, of course, create your own thread.

To create your own thread, you'll want to communicate a few basic things: what game you want and what kind of multiplayer you'd like to play (competitive or co-op). So you could create a thread with a title something like "Anyone up for a Halo Reach LASO run?" or "Rage. Co-op. Join Me," or, if you're me, "Help! I Can't Beat Trenched!" and in the thread itself, you could post some details, like the time you want to play, whether you want to grind achievements, and, most importantly, your contact information.

When you've finished the game, just go ahead and close the thread or delete it or whatever it is you kids do these days.

Here's an example thread for solo play, and here's an example thread for a weekend multiplayer thread. If you'd like to set up a community-wide weekend thing, the best thing to do is chat with us over on our IRC chan, #Polynauts.

Item Gifting!

Tonight, someone quite graciously offered me a copy of Counterstrike: Global Offensive. I think it'd be a great idea if we could do the same. I can see this going various ways. I've created a dedicated gifting/trading thread, but nobody seems to want to use it all that much--maybe because you're all stingy bastards.

Voice Chat:

How do you guys feel about setting up a Mumble server to chat? That way, we can voice chat while playing various games with each other. Seeing as Mumble is superior to Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Skype in terms of sound quality and lag, I think it's the best bet, but right now, this is just a suggestion. Comment away!

Cooperation and Achievement-Boosting!

Want to work together? Well, now there's a thread for that.


So yeah, there you have it. If you've got any suggestions, or would like to post your contact information, please do so in the comments below! I'ma go buy French Fries.