Nexus 7 Homescreen doesn't do Landscape.

Barely anyone is talking about this, but its a major gripe I have with the device. I had a feeling it would just be running the same OS as the Galaxy Nexus but with a larger screen.. therefore when its turned on its side the icons and homescreen dock do not adjust to the orientation.

Here's a video from one of my favorite podcasts "All About Android" discussing the issue, and actually proving that it doesn't do landscape:

Skip to 15:13 in the video.

All About Android 66: Jumping Jelly Beans (via twit)

Not sure about you guys, but I never prefer a tablet it in portrait. Landscape FTW. This isn't to say that app's won't adjust to the orientation (because they will) but why wouldn't Google just bake this into the OS? Maybe we'll have to wait a year.

Don't want to hear that you can solve this with Root because the average user will not be rooting their tablet.

Lastly, about a minute before the linked time in the video above they are discussing the change of the notification panel, which adjusts for Landscape. Android on 10" devices moves this to the bottom of the screen, while on the 7-inch it works the same as the phone and comes from the top.

I'm posting this because as a long time Android user (since the G1) I love where we are today but I still feel that Android has a TON of problems to solve with its OS.