Advanced Tips For Using The Verge

In this guide you'll find tips for:

- Video embedding
- Searching comment history
- Changing the front page
- Product Comparisons
- Mobile Usage

The Verge, operated by Vox Media, is becoming a popular destination as of late. Ever since Gawker Media changed its commenting platform to something disagreeable and clunky, many have migrated from Gawker to Vox. In particular, users of Gawker's tech and gaming hubs (Gizmodo and Kotaku respectively) have "found asylum" in The Verge (tech) and Polygon (gaming). These tips should help alleviate some of the annoyances that users find themselves running into.

I'm posting this in Gaming (as opposed to Meta) because there is a very large influx of new users migrating from Kotaku looking for Polygon Games and not commenting on things other than game topics.

Video Embedding (Youtube, Vimeo, NicoNico, and more)


Video embedding is missing, but I’ve found this Grease Monkey Script that pretty much makes it obsolete. It replaces the YouTube URL that someone posts with the actual title of the video right there on the page. It also puts a neat little YouTube icon in front of a link Additionally, once you click on it the video plays in an overlay that can be moved anywhere on the screen. (special note: it only works on clickable links, you can optionally install Linkify Plus to make all links clickable)

You’ll need:

  1. Grease monkey:
  2. The User Script:
  3. Optional Script:

**Use a browser other than Firefox? (tsk tsk :P) supplemental info is below

  • Chrome: Use TamperMonkey instead of Grease Monkey; you still need the userscript.
  • Opera: Use this extension. This is all you need to install.

Once you have the add-on installed comeback here to try it out on this link:

Search comments

Wanna find that witty comment you made a month and a half ago that mentioned Valkyria Chronicles? Maybe you want to see just exactly how full of shit someone is with their fanboy-ism? Well, now instead of doing a manual search through your or someone else's comment history you can just let the computer do the work for you!

On the target's profile page, above his or her comments is a giant white rectangle that has the words "Search Activity" greyed-out. This is very easy to miss because usually when we find a search field on a web page it is a tiny white rectangle in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

PS: Anyone who wants to search my history, I'll save you the trouble: I like Sony, Apple, Microsoft and Google a lot. I often point out stupid things people say about one of them (like how some people swear Apple invented thin wedge-shaped laptops, even though Sony had them almost half a decade before) as well as spent a lot of time commenting on gaming related articles.


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Don't like the layout of the home page?

If you don't like the homepage you're nuts! That being said though, I do understand the need for a chronological story view. I've made this handy graphic to show you exactly how to see all of the stories in chronological order without missing out on that super awesome Magazine layout that highlights all the juiciest bits of news as well as where the party is currently hopping in the forums


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Database Comparisons

You can very easily compare products head- to-head. Just search for a product and you'll find all the results for it.. On the right-hand side of the page you'll see pictures of various gadgets that fit the search. Click on the one you want to see full specs, Verge Reviews, and User Reviews. To compare it to something just click "Compare It" on the product's picture.

Check out this comparison of video game consoles to see how it looks:

Mobile actually works (gasp!)


I use a humble (yet awesome) original Palm Pixi as my phone and have zero problems navigating both the full version and the mobile version of the site. While you can't use the Forums on mobile, you can go to the forums via the full site on your phone/tablet. You are able to comment on both articles and forum posts with the full suite of tools. I'm sure this will be very refreshing, especially for Ex-Gawker Media users.